Upcoming Gardening Programs at the SCBG

At the South Carolina Botanical Garden (SCBG), we have always viewed gardening as a fantastic vehicle for teaching. We do this with programs like the new in-person afterschool program: The Green Thumbs Kids Club. Each participant will plant, tend, and harvest vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants in this club. In addition, they cook, craft, carry out experiments, observe garden critters, and more. To find out more about The Green Thumbs Club, and to register, visit https://calendar.clemson.edu/event/green_thumbs_kids_club#.YdcCLhPMLuV

Family working in the garden. Sue Watts, ©2021, Clemson Botanical Gardens

Working in the garden.
Sue Watts, ©2021, Clemson Botanical Gardens

The pandemic forced us to reevaluate our program delivery methods, which allowed us to broaden our reach well beyond the bounds of the Garden. So, last spring, we started the Garden Adventurers Program. Participants receive season-appropriate vegetable seeds in the mail monthly (February – May), and accompanying activities are sent electronically. In addition to gardening help and guidance, topics cover history, geography, cooking, math, and much more. This program is an excellent way for a family to start a garden together and enjoy learning about fascinating topics.

To find out more about the Garden Adventurers Program, and to register, visit: https://calendar.clemson.edu/event/garden_adventurers_780?utm_campaign=widget&utm_medium=widget&utm_source=Clemson+University#.YdcCsBPMLuU

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