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Some orchids adapt fairly well to being grown in the home, especially Phalaenopsis species, the moth orchid, the showy Cattleya species and Dendrobium species. Growing orchids is somewhat different...

Growing Geraniums Indoors

Potted geraniums (Pelargonium species) are excellent indoor plants and can be grown indoors throughout the year. They are typically available from March through June, and will flower continuously if...


While commonly referred to as “gloxinia” or “florist’s gloxinia,” this plant (Sinningia speciosa) is not a true gloxinia at all. True gloxinias do not produce tubers but...


Prepared by Karen Russ, HGIC Horticulture Specialist, and Al Pertuit, Extension Floriculture Specialist, Clemson University. New 03/99. Images added 09/15.

Chinese Evergreen

This tropical foliage plant is one of the most durable houseplants. It tolerates poor light, dry air, air-conditioning and drought. Height/Spread Plants grow from 1 to 3 feet tall and from 1 to 3...

Spider Plant

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is one of the most common houseplants. It is easily grown and is especially popular for the ease and speed with which it forms new plants. Height/Spread...

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