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Category: Water

Protecting Headwater Streams

Freshwater Streams Healthy streams provide countless benefits to both the community and the environment. These benefits include recreational opportunities, reduced downstream flooding, and increased...


What is F.O.G.? F.O.G. stands for fats, oils, and grease that are found in kitchens as an ingredient for, or by-product of, food preparation. Examples of F.O.G. include: cooking oil (vegetable,...

Maintaining Your Freshwater Shoreline

Planting a vegetative shoreline buffer, known as shorescaping, stabilizes the shoreline, slows sedimentation in ponds, and filters surface runoff. An established, healthy buffer reduces the need for...

E. coli & Water Health

South Carolina’s Waterway Health Clean water is essential for recreation, public drinking water, aquatic life, agriculture, and other industries. South Carolina residents are fortunate to live in a...

Supplemental Feeding for Recreational Pond

Introduction South Carolina’s recreational fish ponds with quality forage bases are capable of producing quality sustainable fisheries. Pond management practices that enhance the forage quantity and...

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