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Category: Entomology

Fabric Pest Control

Many insects feed on a variety of foods. For some insects such as the carpet beetles and clothes moths, their nourishment comes from eating items made of organic materials. The most commonly...

Stinging Caterpillars

In the insect world, appearances can be deceiving. A cute, fuzzy, or brightly colored exterior may hide a painful surprise when handled carelessly. Caterpillars are the immature stages of...

Black Twig Borer

Black Twig Borer (Xylosandrus compactus) is a species of a scolytid beetle and is one of the few ambrosia beetles that will infest healthy or stressed plants. The adult beetle is solid black, shiny,...

Natural Enemies: Predators and Parasitoids

Though most people cringe at the sight of an insect, there are countless species of beneficial insects. One such group of insects is referred to as natural enemies. These are insects that prey upon...

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