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Category: Holiday


Mistletoe is often found hanging in American homes as a traditional decoration during the holiday season. Once believed to have magical powers, as well as medicinal properties, the custom in which...

Pecan Topped Pumpkin Bread

This Pecan Topped Pumpkin Bread is a must for your fall baking and pairs exceptionally well to any Thanksgiving menu! Want to give it an extra burst of sweetness? Then be sure to add those optional...

Selecting a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are available from a variety of sources, such as garden centers, nurseries, local retail lots and, choose-and-cut tree farms. Tips on how to select a fresh tree, as well as...

Japanese Camellias

Japanese camellias (Camellia japonica) are one of the most recognized evergreen shrubs planted in Southern gardens. As the common name implies, these beauties are native to the Orient. The first...

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