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Category: Safe Handling

Food Safety for Camping

Keeping food safe on your next adventure is crucial to protecting yourself, your family, and your friends from foodborne illnesses. Follow these easy food safety recommendations for properly...

Slow Cooker Food Safety

Many consumers prefer the convenience of a slow cooker for preparing soups, stews and other favorites. These countertop appliances cook foods slowly at a low temperature, so vitamins and minerals...

Storing Meats & Seafood

The goal of home food storage is to provide food that is both safe and of high-quality. A food may have good quality in terms of appearance and taste but have a high bacterial count and be unsafe to...

Pesticide Safety

Pesticides are chemicals used to kill, repel, or control organisms which are considered pests. Pesticides include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, disinfectants, and many other...

Safe Handling of Sausages & Hot Dogs

Selecting the Best Sausage There are so many varieties of sausages! How long can you store them—and where? Are they fully cooked or not? The following background information will answer these...

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