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Tag: June

Moss & Algae Control in Lawns

Mosses are nonparasitic, primitive green plants that have fine, branched, threadlike stems with tiny leaves. They reproduce by means of wind-blown spores. Mosses typically form a thick, green mat on...

Mushrooms in Lawns

Mushrooms are the above-ground fruiting bodies of fungi that live in the soil. These fungi feed on decaying organic matter, such as old roots, stumps and thatch. When these fungi are present in your...

Conservative Turfgrass Irrigation

Turfgrass irrigation, along with mowing and fertilizing, is one of the basic management tools we implement when entrusted to the care of turf. Although the application of water to a turf to maintain...

Mowing Lawns

Lawn grasses need to be mowed properly. This chore is often taken for granted unless you realize that mowing directly affects the health and quality of a lawn. When mowing a lawn, important factors...

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