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Category: Vegetables


Planting The sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a warm-season crop that is not planted until well after the last chance of frost in the spring. The soil temperature should be above 65 °F before...

Turnips & Rutabagas

Turnips (Brassica rapa) and rutabagas (Brassica napus) have edible leaves and roots, though turnip greens are more commonly eaten than rutabaga greens. Turnips have crisp, white flesh and a spicy,...


Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are a popular staple in Southern vegetable gardens. Tomatoes are warm-season plants that grow best at 70 to 80 °F during the day and 60 to 70 °F during the night...


Potatoes are a very easy and fun crop to grow in the home garden. White-skinned and red-skinned potatoes can be grown as an early crop for new potatoes and as a late crop for storage. Choose an...

Crop Rotation

Many home vegetable gardeners have limited garden space, resulting in the same plants being grown in the same places year after year. This common practice leads to the buildup of soil-borne...

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