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Author: Bert McCarty

Moss & Algae Control in Lawns

Mosses are nonparasitic, primitive green plants that have fine branched, threadlike stems with tiny leaves. They reproduce by means of wind-blown spores. Mosses typically form a thick, green mat on...

Grassy Weeds

Grassy weeds are true grasses or monocots. A grass seed germinates and emerges as one single leaf. It develops hollow, rounded stems and nodes (joints) that are closed and hard. The leaf blades...

Broadleaf Weeds

Most broadleaf weeds have netlike veins in their leaves and nodes containing one or more leaves. They may have showy flowers. Broadleaf weed seedlings emerge with two leaves. Because of differences...

Overseeding With Ryegrass

It is not generally recommended to overseed home lawns, but if it is performed, it should only be on a bermudagrass lawn. The extra irrigation, fertilization, and shading effects of the overseeding...

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