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Author: Donald L. Ham

Azalea Care

Azaleas are Southern signature plants in South Carolina landscapes. Numerous azalea species, hybrids and cultivars, either native to this area or hailing from the Orient, can be grown here, with...

El Cuidado de las Azaleas

Las azaleas son de las plantas más comunes en los jardines de Carolina del Sur. Existen numerosas especies, híbridos y variedades, nativas y/u orientales que pueden crecer en Carolina del Sur, con...

Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are living investments that grow in value with each passing year. When properly selected and planted, trees and shrubs can be expected to thrive with the right care, which may...


When growing chestnuts at home, it is important to distinguish between the “real” chestnut trees (Castanea species) and those trees producing horsechestnuts and buckeyes (Aesculus...

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