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If you have a smartphone, then you are aware that the number of apps available is astounding, and indeed, no matter what you search, you’ll likely find that “There’s an app for that!”

Example of Garden app. Stephanie Turner, ©2021, Clemson Extension

Example of Garden app.
Stephanie Turner, ©2021, Clemson Extension

Thankfully, gardening related topics are no exception, and you can find a number of apps to help you identify plants, plan your garden, identify pests, and engage with others who enjoy gardening. It’s nice to add some digital tools to your gardening toolbox! Last month I used iNaturalist to identify a Golden-reined Digger Wasp visiting my garden. Another app, Garden Tags, is somewhat reminiscent of Instagram, but for plant people. Keep in mind artificial intelligence is a wonderful thing, but no app is flawless, so use caution. Take the time to dig deeper to verify a plant ID that was provided by snapping a photo. As a matter of fact, I was hesitant to use these sorts of apps when they first came out because of some ‘misfires’, but the quality and accuracy has really come a long way.

Every person will have different preferences when it comes to an application’s interface and function, but here are some free apps worth checking out.

PictureThis Android / Apple IOS Identify plants and get culture suggestions.

iNaturalist Android / Apple IOS Identify all kinds of living things and see the locations where others have encountered them as well.

ID weeds Android / Apple IOS Search for weeds and identify them based on characteristics.

SoilWeb Android / Apple IOS Explore the USDA-NRCS detailed soil survey data for your current location.

LeafSnap Android / Apple IOS Identify plants

Garden Tags Android / Apple IOS Garden planner and community.

Gardenize Android / Apple IOS Mobile garden diary.

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