Question of the Week – Brown Lacewing

What is this critter that was found resting on the wall inside of a garage?

Brown Lacewing.

Brown Lacewing.
Justin Ballew, ©2024, Clemson Extension

This is another beneficial insect: a brown lacewing. Brown lacewings are smaller than the more common green lacewings, though both are voracious predators of soft-bodied insects, particularly aphids, mealybugs, small caterpillars, and mites. Whereas green lacewings lay their eggs at the top of a thin stalk, brown lacewings lay theirs directly onto plants. There are over 50 species of brown lacewings in the US, and both larvae and adults are predatory. Adult lacewings are attracted to lights at nighttime and are often observed resting on windows, walls, and other surfaces near lights. Read more about brown lacewings here.

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