SC Fruit and Vegetable Field Report – November 27, 2023

Coastal Region

Zack Snipes

  • We finally got some rain to speak of over the holiday. The cooler weather and rain have really put the fall crops into gear.
  • I have not seen or heard of many disease or insect issues of late. Don’t let your guard down.
  • If you grow strawberries, make sure to inspect your deer fences to make sure they are working. Between now and Christmas, I see most deer damage happening.
Tracks and cut-off stems are clear signs of deer feeding this time of year

Tracks and cut-off stems are clear signs of deer feeding this time of year.
Zack Snipes, ©2023, Clemson Extension

Midlands Region

Sarah Scott

  • We received some much-needed rain last week. Some areas got up to 1.5 inches and it looks like more in this week’s forecast. We were very dry, so while this is great, we will also have to keep a close eye on disease issues popping up in saturated fields.
  • Peach growers are still prepping land for new plantings. We have also begun our fall orchard floor management sprays. PRE herbicide applications go out now to maintain a strip, hopefully, into May. A POST herbicide can be added to control emerged weeds.

Upstate Region

Briana Naumuk

  • Here in the Upstate, we had a much-needed soaking rain during Thanksgiving week. Growers should be aware that although every little bit helps, we are still in a drought. So, check your crops and irrigate accordingly.
  • We are also expected to get freezing temperatures at the beginning of this week. Be sure to check the weather and protect the crops that need it.
  • Growers should still scout for pests that made it through the cold snap. Most growers are gearing up for holiday sales as well.

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