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Booklice belong to a large group of small to medium sized insects called Psocoptera. Also known as psocids, booklice are related to plant insects called barklice. Though booklice may have a body...

Drugstore Beetles

Although its name is drugstore beetle, this insect is a general feeder that attacks everything edible and many things people would consider inedible. The drugstore beetle got this common name...

Camel Crickets

Camel crickets and closely related cave crickets belong to a large group of insects.  They are found throughout the world with over 100 different kinds found in the United States and Canada.  Unlike...

Carpenter Ants

Many kinds of ants can become pests in and around a home or structure. One of the most common is the  carpenter ant. Carpenter ants belong to the largest of all ant groups. Although carpenter ants...

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