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Author: Pamela Schmutz

Drying Fruits

Dried fruits are unique, tasty and nutritious. It might be argued that dried fruits are even tastier than fresh fruits. They have been called nature’s candy. Dried fruit tastes sweeter because the...

Drying Vegetables

Vegetables can be preserved by drying. The longer the drying time, the less flavorful and the less tender the product. The drying time can be hastened by drying small, uniformly cut pieces. Because...

Pickled Peppers

Caution When working with hot peppers, wear plastic gloves while handling them, or wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your face. To Peel Peppers Use one of the following...

Safe Handling of Canned Goods

This fact sheet focuses on commercially canned goods. For information on home canning, request HGIC 3040, Canning Foods At Home. Canning is an important, safe method of food preservation if...

Basics of Safe Food Handling

Bacteria that contaminate food and cause foodborne illnesses are everywhere. Follow these four basic safety tips to keep your food safe. Wash hands and surfaces often. Don’t cross-contaminate. Keep...

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