Harvesting Potatoes

Hi, this is Paul Thompson with Clemson Extension Service and we’re down here in the Chester Garden on a rather cool June day. And it is time to dig potatoes! You can see this potato patch, as I have described earlier, once they start really looking bad and turning yellow, turning brown, you know it’s time to dig the potatoes. We’ve been working on this bed. We’ve got some potatoes coming out of the ground. Of course in this case we’ve got some really easy-to-work soil. They’re able to pull the potatoes out just with their hands. We have a nice group started here. These are Pontiac red potatoes primarily, although there are little finger potatoes that are mixed in with them. Anyway, potatoes can produce a lot with not a lot of effort, so think about planting some this coming spring, about February, early March. Leave them in the ground about three, three-and-a-half months and then they’re ready for harvest.


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