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Author: Paul Thompson

The World of Hellebores

There are approximately 15 species of hellebores that are perennial, and the majority are native to southern and eastern Europe. Other common names for this plant are Christmas rose, and Lenten...

Native Trees for Fall Color

Some of my favorite natives for fall leaf color grow in abundance in the Piedmont, and when the weather cooperates, we are in for a spectacular show. Sugar maples occur naturally further north of...


Bagworms are the larva of a small, hairy, black male moth and a wingless gray female. Bagworms will hatch from eggs in late April or early May to begin several months of ravenous feeding. Their...

Azalea Lace Bugs

Azalea lace bugs are rather small insects, but their feeding habits leave telltale signs on the foliage. The leaves will have a whitish cast to them. Close examination will reveal very fine specks...


Between now and the end of March is a great time to plant potatoes. If you ask, “why should I plant potatoes” then obviously, you have never eaten a potato that was dug from the ground the day you...

Pruning Muscadine Grapes

Muscadines are our native, southern grape. Unlike bunch grapes, muscadines have thick, tart skin. The meat of the fruit is very sweet and flavorful and good for fresh eating (nature’s sweet-tart),...

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