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Color Changes in Autumn Leaves

Fall is indeed an exciting time when trees are ablaze with color and framed by a sky of intense blue. Many environmental factors determine the color, the intensity and the duration of these...

Harvesting Vegetables

A major reason for growing vegetables at home is to produce crops of a higher eating quality than may be otherwise available. For shipping and storage reasons, many commercially-grown vegetables are...

Safe Handling of Wild Game Meats

ABIDE BY GAME REGULATIONS FOR HUNTING, TRANSPORTING AND STORING GAME. Care in the Field Be Prepared for the Hunt: Remember to bring a sharp hunting knife, a small hatchet, a whetstone or steel,...

Planning a Garden

Home garden vegetables can be grown abundantly in most areas of South Carolina with proper care. Many who have grown vegetables for the excellent fresh flavor or as a hobby now find home gardening...

Apple Basics

Apple Information Always look for fresh-looking, firm apples with good color. Handle apples carefully to prevent bruises. Store apples in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Warm temperatures cause...

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