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Category: In the Garden

Cold Tolerance in Citrus

The main limiting factor for growing citrus is the lack of significant cold tolerance. The ideal temperature range for citrus is between 60- and 90-degrees F, though depending on the species and...

Holiday Decorating with Orange Pomanders

Start a new holiday tradition with your family this year by making orange pomander balls. They can be hung on your Christmas tree as ornaments, attached to garlands, or used in a holiday centerpiece...

Mother Maple

When we purchased our farm in 1977, one of the first plants my husband gave me was a small 1-gallon, knee-high, Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) that was about as big around as a pencil. This little...

So, You Took a Soil Sample, Now What?

Fall is one of the best times to get your soil sampled. Gardening tasks this time of year tend to be less burdensome, and with cooler weather, roaming about the yard or garden collecting dirt is...

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