What Is It? Wednesday – Virus on Squash

Squash showing symptoms of a virus.

Squash showing symptoms of a virus.
Justin Ballew, ©2023, Clemson Extension

This squash is showing symptoms of a virus. There are numerous viruses that affect cucurbit crops, which may be transmitted in various ways, such as by insects (aphids, whiteflies, cucumber beetles), through seed, or mechanical damage. Symptoms may include mottled or mosaic discoloration, deformed leaves and fruit, and stunting. There is no way to cure a plant once it contracts a virus. Instead, management efforts should focus on preventing transmission. Using virus-resistant plant varieties is one of the best ways to do this. Before purchasing seeds or transplants, read the variety descriptions carefully to see which resistance traits, if any, they have. Read more about cucurbit viruses here.

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