What Is It? Wednesday- White Peach Scale

White Peach Scale is all over this peach tree limb.

White Peach Scale is all over this peach tree limb.
Sarah Scott, ©2023, Clemson extension

This is an infestation of white peach scale. White peach scale isn’t terribly common to find, and when you do see it, it is usually concentrated on just a few trees within a much larger block. We don’t always see white peach scale because typical dormant oil spray applications take care of them. Be mindful when applying oil and consider spot spraying in the field if the timing or weather conditions are not optimal, as these factors can affect efficacy. Typical spray programs consist of two dormant oil applications. If you missed an application, it might be good to spot spray. Flag the limbs where the scale is found so you can continue to monitor the area for crawler emergence later in the season.

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