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Author: Anthony J. Savereno

Herbicide Application: The Label Is the Law

Phone calls from landowners having problems with aquatic weeds are common for Extension Agents every spring. This is especially true following mild winters when temperatures may not have gotten low...

Duckweed and Watermeal

Clemson Extension Agents get many calls each year from landowners having problems with aquatic weeds in their ponds. One of the more common plants we receive calls about is duckweed (Lemna spp.)....

July Week 1 Garden Photos

Common vegetable insect pests, diseases, and disorders that affect South Carolina gardens. Tomato Fruitworm Damage Zachary Boone Snipes, ©2015 Clemson Extension Bacterial Leaf Spot on Tomato Zachary...

Developing a Wildlife Management Plan

Who would consider building a house without a blueprint or taking a trip without a road map? Land managers and landowners who are successful at managing wildlife carefully plan and target management...

Backyard Wildlife Enhancement

The first step in enhancing a backyard habitat for wildlife is to assess the yard or outdoor areas as they are right now, identifying habitat elements that already exist for wildlife. Some plants...

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