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Author: Dr. Molly Darr

Locust Leafminer

If you’re driving along the highway in July or August, you may notice clumps of trees with brown leaves that look dried, dead, or scorched. This is likely the handiwork of the locust leafminer,...

Laurel Wilt Disease

Laurel wilt is a destructive disease caused by a fungal pathogen (Raffaelea lauricola) that is carried into trees by the non-native Redbay ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus glabratus). Both beetle and...

Have You Heard the Buzz?

After 17 long years, billions of cicadas are ready to emerge from the ground, and we’re going to hear about it! Cicadas are harmless insects with big, bulging eyes and see-through wings held like a...

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

The hemlock woolly adelgid, or HWA, is a small invasive insect that is killing eastern and Carolina hemlock trees in eastern North America. This article will cover the biology of this pest, the...

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening is simple and elegant, similar to the pasta dish it’s named for. This gardening method doesn’t require any digging or tilling and turns kitchen scraps, yard waste, and newspapers...

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