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Author: Morgan E. Judy

Lawn Burweed

Nothing designates spring’s arrival like walking barefoot on a lawn of lush, green grass. This pleasant experience can often turn into a painful, sticky situation with the presence of lawn burweed....


Description Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a sparsely hairy, winter annual weed with greenish to purplish, tender, square stems. Its opposite leaves are broadly egg shaped with bluntly toothed...


Description Common lespedeza, also known as Japanese clover (Kummerowia striata, syn. Lespedeza striata), is a very common summer weed that can easily choke out thin turf. It is often found in open...

Bamboo Control

Bamboos are perennial members of the grass family and are often one of the most difficult to control escaped ornamentals. They are distinguished from other grasses by their woody stems, branched...

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