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Author: Rhonda Matthews

Heart Disease and Diabetes

The term ‘heart disease’ encompasses several different health problems. These conditions include blood vessel diseases (such as coronary artery disease), heart rhythm problems, heart defects from...

Foot Care for People with Diabetes

Foot care should be taken very seriously for all people, but especially for people with diabetes. If proper foot care is not maintained, it can result in serious negative consequences. Neuropathy...

Cooking the Holiday Turkey

There are at least 3 tasty options for cooking your holiday turkey: roasting, smoking, or frying. Before cooking your turkey, it is highly recommended to make sure it is completely defrosted. This...


South Carolina grown asparagus appears each spring. The best spears are unwithered and have tightly closed tips. Store fresh asparagus 3-4 days in the refrigerator with the cut ends wrapped in a wet...

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