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Category: Trees

Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a large, handsome evergreen that is used extensively in the Southeast. It is a favorite because it is fast growing. It is adapted to all of South...

Japanese Cryptomeria

Japanese cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), or Japanese cedar, is a splendid evergreen that becomes even more handsome as it matures. Although it is not as well-suited to the United States as to...


Pyracantha is also called firethorn. The three most popular species, scarlet firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea), Formosa firethorn (P. koidzumii), and Roger’s firethorn (P. rogersiana), vary...


Hot, dry summer months are some of the most stressful times for plants in the landscape. Without adequate moisture, plants cannot function normally and can become predisposed to other stresses in...

Storm & Weather Damage

Landscape plants are often subject to damage caused by environmental stresses, including lightning, wind, snow or ice. It is important to know how and when to offer aid to a damaged plant to save...

Watering Shrubs and Trees

Even the healthiest shrubs and trees planted in the most ideal conditions need a substantial amount of time, care and proper irrigation to become established in the landscape. During the...

Tree Selection

Prepared by Bob Polomski, Extension Consumer Horticulturist, and Debbie Shaughnessy, HGIC Information Specialist, Clemson University. (New 01/99.)

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