Fall in Love with Physical Activity

As temperatures drop and summer leaves change colors, outdoor physical activity becomes enjoyable. There are many ways you and your family can get active during the fall season.

Natures landscape Rural Health Team and Nutrition Team

Natures landscape.
Rural Health Team and Nutrition Team

Here are some fun activities the entire family can participate in:

  1. Apple Picking – South Carolina’s Upstate has multiple orchards that have apple-picking dates. Walking around these orchards to find the best apples is a great way to hit the 10,000 recommended steps for adults. For more information on orchards in the upstate, see Apple Picking: Guide to Orchard Picking in the Carolinas.
  2. Take A Hike – South Carolina has walking trails all over the state. This is usually a free activity that can get you and your family active. You can also bring your furry friends to increase their physical activity, too. To find a trail near you, see South Carolina Trails.
  3. Raking the Leaves – Raking the leaves in your yard is a fun activity for all. It also works your upper body muscles. You can challenge your children to see who can make the largest pile!
  4. Family Football Games – Whether you do this before Thanksgiving dinner or on a crisp autumn day, a friendly football game is engaging and active.

For more information on physical activity, see HGIC 4031, Physical Activity for Adults, and HGIC 4032, Physical Activity for Children.

If this document didn’t answer your questions, please contact HGIC at hgic@clemson.edu or 1-888-656-9988.

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