Healthy Tip – Silver Queen Corn

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Silver Queen Corn is a favorite; the 8-inch tapered ears fill to the tip with 14-16 rows of tender, sweet white kernels with excellent flavor. Kernels contain moderate degrees of sugar and convert to starch rapidly after harvest; taste best when fresh.

Cooking Directions: Remove husks, silk and ends, from each ear. Rinse corn in cold water and drop into kettle of vigorously boiling unsalted water, making sure water completely covers corn. Allow water to return to a boil. Immediately cover kettle and turn off heat. Let corn stand in water 5 to 10 minutes. Drain and serve immediately with butter, salt, and pepper. (

Silver Queen and Peaches and Cream corn mix.

Silver Queen Corn and Peaches and Cream Corn mix.
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Corn - Nutrition Facts

Corn – Nutrition Facts


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