Healthy Tips – Halloween Treats

Candy reigns supreme on Halloween, try these substitutes for a healthier Halloween for your children and your family.

Tip 1: Feed your family a nutritious lunch or dinner before trick or treating so your children are less likely to dip into the candy bag.

Tip 2: While you cannot control what your neighbors hand-out for treats, you can offer healthier treats at your home:

Non-edible Items

  • Glow sticks
  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Soap Bubble Makers
  • Plastic spider rings or vampire teeth

Healthier Treats

  • 100% juice boxes
  • Sugar Free Candy
  • Mini boxes of raisins
  • Small boxes of cereal
  • Snack size packages of pretzels, popcorn, dried fruit
  • Squeezable yogurt tubes or pouches

For more information on healthy treats see: HGIC 4112 Healthy Halloween Treats.

If this document didn’t answer your questions, please contact HGIC at or 1-888-656-9988.

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