Rooted Tomato Suckers

Hi, this is Paul Thompson with Clemson Extension Service. I’m down here at the Chester Community Garden in Chester, SC. A few weeks back, I talked about rooting tomato suckers as you pull the suckers off the tomato plant and I wanted to show you some progress on those. Here are some that were stuck probably about three-and-a-half weeks ago. This thing’s already begun to grow very vigorously. Here’s another one down here that was just rooted in place. So, I think we’ll go ahead and transplant these because they have done so much growing. I’m going to get a little hand trowel in here and lift it out. Now you can see it is rooted quite well, got a nice root system on it. We’ll go ahead and put this in a place where it might be needed. I hope you try to root some tomato suckers as you pull those off the base of the plant because it is an easy way to propagate and get new tomato plants without paying the hefty price.

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