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How to Cook Turkey

Food safety is important when cooking a turkey. Improperly cooked turkey could make your family sick. Thawing a Turkey Three ways are safe—in the refrigerator, in cold water that is changed every 30...

Control Holiday Weight Gain

The two-month long “sweet season” begins with leftover Halloween candy and winds down with pumpkin and pecan pie, eggnog, fruitcake and candy. Bite by bite the ounces add up to pounds, unless you...

Planting Trees Correctly

When to Plant Container-grown plants and balled and burlapped (B&B) plants with well-developed root systems can be planted throughout the year. However, most B&B plants are dug and planted...

Seasonal Invaders

At different times of the year various insects which are not normally indoor pests may enter homes. These seasonal invaders are not usually serious pests and long term infestations rarely occur....

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