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Author: Janet McLeod Scott

Pansy Diseases & Insect Pests

Pansies are among the most popular garden flowers grown today. They are most commonly grown as annuals, producing the best flowers and growth when temperatures are mild in the fall and spring....

Flowering Bulb Insect Pests

The most common pests of flowering bulbs, in general, are aphids, bulb mites, slugs, and snails. In addition, thrips, bulb flies, borers, and leafrollers are among other pests that can also cause...

Moss & Algae Control in Lawns

Mosses are nonparasitic, primitive green plants that have fine branched, threadlike stems with tiny leaves. They reproduce by means of wind-blown spores. Mosses typically form a thick, green mat on...

Algal Leaf Spot

Of the various kinds of organisms that cause plant disease, plant parasitic algae are not the norm. The only species that is common in the United States is Cephaleuros virescens. It causes a disease...

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