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Author: Terasa Lott

Shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day

If you visit your favorite garden center in late February or early March, you’ll likely find shamrock plants to coincide with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. The myths and folklore...

Insects Feed Baby Birds

As a backyard bird enthusiast, I find watching the bluebird’s life cycle unfold in my yard to be fascinating. Each year, I anxiously await bluebird nesting season and feel a sense of accomplishment...

Holiday Cactus

The holidays are often associated with particular plants such as Poinsettias, Cyclamen, and paperwhites, but my favorite group of plants is the holiday cacti. About 15 years ago, I purchased what I...

Testing Drinking Water

Water testing and treatment are expensive and inconvenient, but are necessary to ensure residents have access to a safe and reliable source of water. The cost associated with testing and treatment...

Watch Out For Squash Vine Borers

While growing your own vegetables can be quite rewarding, it can also be frustrating, especially when a lush squash plant seems to up and die in a matter of a few days. If you’ve ever attempted to...

Conserving Water in Your Landscape

Water is a precious natural resource that should be conserved in all endeavors concerning landscape management. In urban areas as much as 60% of all water usage goes to maintaining landscapes. Much...

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