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Category: Entomology


Gnats are among the most aggravating insects that plague certain regions of South Carolina each spring and summer. The first killing frost in the fall is always a welcome relief for those that enjoy...

Holes in the Lawn

When holes and excavations mysteriously appear in lawns, it is helpful to note the season, location, and size. These are helpful clues when trying to identify the culprit and prevent further damage....

Kudzu Bugs Around the Home

The kudzu bug, scientifically known as Megacopta cribraria, is a new pest in South Carolina. It is not a beetle, as many people think, but is more closely related to stink bugs. It has also been...

Fire Ant Management In The Home Lawn

The impacts of fire ants are well understood by anyone who has been stung by them. Their impacts, however, go far beyond the medical implications of their venomous stings. Millions of dollars are...

Cluster Flies

During the fall, many flies may enter homes. They usually are unwelcome visitors, especially when they plan to stay for the duration of the winter. One common type of fly is called a cluster fly....

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