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I really like the layout of the Annual and Perennial Garden here in the South Carolina Botanical Garden. The curly hazelnut is a focal point right about the center of the garden but there are these curved walkways through and there’s always just another mystery just around the corner. So, it leads you along this meandering path with featured mass plantings of both annual bedding plants and perennials.

I like the layout from the standpoint that there’s always another little mystery just around the curve. And you can just wander about in here throughout the garden and there always seems to be one more surprise just around the bend. So think about, as your laying out a garden, to have meandering, curved paths with the right accent point or focal point to draw you to that curve but then that feature tends to recede as you get closer to it because now there’s a mystery just around the next bend. And you want to go on to the next bed and the next and the next. If you can sprinkle in the fragrance, like the fragrant ginger lily, that in itself will pull you right around the next bend. Build a little mystery into your garden by putting in curved pathways.

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