Xeriscape Garden

Were here in the Xeriscape Garden at the SC Botanical Gardens and we were thinking about if you are trying to decide where to put your plants this little Pintos is a good one for it. Being in the Xeriscape Garden they can tolerate quite a wide array moisture levels.

This happens to be a very short dwarf variety that is this lovely magenta color I guess. I’m certain it was selected for this location because it doesn’t get real large so its a good plant to put here next to a retainer wall, but the color selection was chosen I’m certain because it coordinates well with the spirarea in the background. So in choosing your colors and in choosing your plants remember the color and what is going to be blooming around it.

Now the pintos this one this particular variety is not fragrant but some of the pintos varieties are very fragrant. There’s a violet deep purple one, snow white one, fire engine red one, light pink one, and this one seems to be one of the newest colors. I haven’t seen in in the landscape that much but it goes beautifully with this spirarea in the background. It just blooms continuously all summer long from the time you put it out as a small transplant it’ll have a little bunch of flowers in the top and then it just continues to grow and to bloom all summer long.

So in planning where you are going to plant think in terms of shape, form, texture and color and keep in mind those plants in the background in your color selection.

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