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How to Complete a Soil Form for Sample Submission to the Agricultural Service Laboratory

Completely fill in all requested information at the top of the form.

  1. Client information: Please complete all sections of the client info including, your name, company name if applicable, physical address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Account: Leave this field blank if you include payment with the sample sent directly to the lab. The account section only applies if you have an existing account with the lab or if your sample is shipped to the lab from a County Cooperative Extension Office. The Extension Office collecting the fees for samples must enter the account code for that county. Researchers should enter their personal computer user ID. Other accounts should enter their seven-digit account number. This is a mandatory field if you have an account.
Soil Code Map Illustration credit: Walker Massey, Clemson University

Soil Code Map
Illustration credit: Walker Massey, Clemson University

Fill in the requested information in the sample section of the form.

  1. Lab Number: Leave this section BLANK. It is for lab use only.
  2. Grower Sample ID: Assign unique labels for each of your samples.
  3. Soil Code: Check this link for descriptions and the map below to determine your 1-digit soil code. Most likely, this code will be the same if all soil samples are from the same area within SC
  4. Crop Code: Follow this link to a crop code list to determine your crop code(s). Write in the 3-digit code corresponding to each soil sample, up to 4 codes per sample. Homeowners use codes listed under Square Footage Recommendations. For vegetable gardens, use code 090.
  5. Crops to be Grown: Write out the crops you are growing for each soil sample. Homeowners, if you have a lawn sample, specify the type of grass.
  6. Standard and Other Tests: Check the appropriate box(es) for the desired analyses. The Standard test is the most commonly selected. Other Tests are described in the box at the top of the form.
  7. Fee: Write in the fee for each sample using the fee list in the box at the top of the form. Standard test is $6 per sample.

Fill in the requested information in the bottom section of the form.

  1. Mailed report: Select this option only if you want a hardcopy mailed to you instead of or in addition to an emailed report. There is a $1 fee per order for a hardcopy.
  2. Page Total ($): Add up the total amount in fees due at the bottom of the sheet.
  3. Check Number: If paying by check, enter your check number. Make checks payable to Clemson University.
  4. Grand Total ($) of all pages: Leave this field blank if you only have one page of samples. If you have multiple pages of samples, fill in the grand total for all fees on the front page.
  5. Extension Approval, Ag Lab Approval, Receipt Number, Cty Rec #, and Date Received: Leave all of these fields blank at the bottom of the sheet. These fields are for Extension and Lab staff use only.

If this document didn’t answer your questions, please contact HGIC at or 1-888-656-9988.

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