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Sodium reduction is a national priority for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency is working with national, state, and local partners to gradually reduce sodium consumption, increase blood pressure control, and improve nutrition. Most of the sodium in our diets comes from packaged and restaurant food (not the salt shaker) and is a direct result of food processing. You can reduce salt when cooking at home by replacing salt with Herbs. Cooking vegetables with the right herbs will make an unforgettable difference. Learning how to use herbs will have your family and dinner guests impressed. Here is how to change an ordinary tasting vegetable dish into an extraordinary one with the added flavors of herbs and spices.

Try These Herbs

Basil can be found in everything from salads to sandwiches to pasta and pizzas for a classic Italian flavor.

Thyme comes in several varieties, including lemon and spicy orange; thyme is a good addition to dishes like roasted vegetables.

Dill is often paired salmon, sweet roasted carrots, or creamy new potatoes.

Chive flavors foods such as potatoes, soups, and meats.

Rosemary is commonly used in Mediterranean cooking and is often found in bread and pork dishes to add flavor.

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