Make SMART goals for the New Year!

With the New Year comes the New Year’s Resolutions and goals. If you are making a resolution or goal, aim for the goal to be SMART. What does a SMART goal mean?

It Means

S- Specific- Make sure your goal is specific to what you want to achieve for the year.

M- Measurable- What will you use to measure how you meet your goal? To measure progress, start out by setting tasks on a timeline for what you want to accomplish and when.

A- Achievable- What can you do to make your goal attainable? How can you work towards the goal that you have set?

R- Realistic- Can the goal realistically be achieved? Do you believe that you will be able to reach the goal you set for yourself?

T- Timely- Make a start and finish date for your goal. Making a timeline will give you the motivation to accomplish the goal.

SMART goals can be anything from business to personal. Follow these guidelines and try to aim for all your goals to be SMART goals.

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If you are making a resolution or goal, aim for the goal to be SMART.

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These are the proper portions of a healthy plate.

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