Author: Alta Mae Marvin

Healthy Tips – Tomatoes

Did you know? The tomato is a fruit from the nightshade family native to South America. The Spanish first introduced tomatoes to Europe, where they became used in Spanish and Italian food. Despite...

Healthy Tips – Squash

Did you know? Squash is native to the Americas; remains have been found in Central America and Mexico dating back as far as 7000 BC. Yellow varieties of squash provide numerous health benefits; high...

Healthy Tip – Silver Queen Corn

Did you know? Silver Queen Corn is a favorite; the 8-inch tapered ears fill to the tip with 14-16 rows of tender, sweet white kernels with excellent flavor. Kernels contain moderate degrees of sugar...

Healthy Tip – Cucumbers

Did you know? The cucumber is originally from South Asia, but now grows on most continents. It is high in beneficial nutrients, plant compounds, and antioxidants beneficial to health. Cucumbers are...

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