Author: Robert F. Polomski

Camas de Siembra

Si usted quiere construir un huerto e su terreno, pero su terreno tiene muchas inclinaciones o un mal drenaje, usted puede solucionar ese problema al levantar camas de cultivo. Usted puede construir...


The genus Fuchsia includes about 100 species. The most commonly grown, Fuchsia x hybrida, or ladies’ eardrops, is a hybrid derived from Fuchsia fulgens and F. magellanica, natives of Mexico...

Mowing Lawns

Lawn grasses need to be mowed properly. This chore is often taken for granted unless you realize that mowing directly affects the health and quality of a lawn. When mowing a lawn, important factors...

Growing Grass in Shade

One of the most common problems the homeowner must face is growing grass in the shade. There are not many solutions to the problems associated with growing turf in the shade, but guidelines have...

Watering Shrubs and Trees

Even the healthiest shrubs and trees planted in the most ideal conditions need a substantial amount of time, care and proper irrigation to become established in the landscape. During the...

Tree Selection

Prepared by Bob Polomski, Extension Consumer Horticulturist, and Debbie Shaughnessy, HGIC Information Specialist, Clemson University. (New 01/99.)

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