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Category: Health

Using & Storing Winter Squash

South Carolina-grown winter squash is available in the summer and fall. Winter Squash is Good for You Winter squash is: an excellent source of beta-carotene, which the body uses to make vitamin A. a...

Leafy Green Basics

 Buying & Storing Greens When selecting greens for cooking, remember they cook down considerably, by one-quarter or more, from their original volume. Wrap fresh greens in damp paper toweling,...

Vibrio vulnificus

The organism Vibrio vulnificus causes wound infections, gastroenteritis or a serious syndrome known as “primary septicema.” V. vulnificus infections are either transmitted to humans...

Scombroid Poisoning

Scombroid poisoning usually is not a severe or long-term illness, and prevention is not difficult, yet occurrence continues throughout the world. The principal threat is from fresh fish, but the...


What is Ciguatera? Ciguatera is a unique type of food poisoning caused by the consumption of marine species that harbor natural toxins originating in certain tropical waters. These species and...

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