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Category: In the Garden

Weed of the Month – Cudweed

Cudweeds (Gamochaeta spp.) are herbs in the aster family that serve as host plants for American painted lady caterpillars. There are about fifty plus species, and all are native to the Americas....

What is it? Wednesday

Tea Scale, Fiorinia theae Symptoms of scale insect infestations may include chlorosis (yellowing), fewer and smaller blossoms, leaf drop, twig dieback, and sometimes plant decline or even plant...

What is it? Wednesday

Brown Snake, Storeria dekayi Brown snake, Storeria dekayi, is sometimes referred to as Dekay’s brownsnake. The relatively small (6-13 inches), nonvenomous brown snake is common throughout most of...

Shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day

If you visit your favorite garden center in late February or early March, you’ll likely find shamrock plants to coincide with the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. The myths and folklore...

What is it? Wednesday

Moss There are more than 15,000 described species of moss worldwide. These underappreciated, primitive green plants fill spaces where other plants cannot or will not grow. Moss thrives in the...

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