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Category: Wildlife

Identifying Copperhead Snakes

The fear of being bitten by a snake worries many folks whether the snake is venomous or not. There are 38 species of snakes found in South Carolina, but only six are venomous. The venomous snakes...

Developing a Wildlife Management Plan

Who would consider building a house without a blueprint or taking a trip without a road map? Land managers and landowners who are successful at managing wildlife carefully plan and target management...

Backyard Wildlife Enhancement

The first step in enhancing a backyard habitat for wildlife is to assess the yard or outdoor areas as they are right now, identifying habitat elements that already exist for wildlife. Some plants...

Wildlife Control

All animals need food, water and shelter to survive and reproduce. If any of these are in short supply, animal numbers decline proportionately. On the other hand, when these requirements are met,...

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