Insect and Disease Management for Home-Grown Fruits and Nuts

The following schedules are to be used by those who will observe all label precautions, treatment recommendations and protective clothing guidelines. These pest management suggestions, whether cultural or chemical, are not effective unless completed in a timely fashion on a regular schedule. Modern crop protection materials are designed to break down to natural elements over time to protect consumer and environment. Pre-harvest interval (PHI) and restricted entry interval (REI) are provided to protect the consumer from exposure to crop protection materials and to prevent individuals not wearing protective equipment from entering treated areas until it is safe. Do not eat fruit until the pre-harvest interval is over.

Crop protection materials are listed in form of active ingredients. The same active ingredient may be sold under different trade names and from different companies. Always read the label before applying the product. The site or crop where the pest is to be controlled must be on the label. Most products are available in small packages.

The pest management schedules are prepared according to plant growth stages. Various insects and diseases attack each stage of development. The proper materials to use are listed in the second column entitled “Materials to Use: Fungicides and Insecticides”. The fungicides are listed first followed by the insecticides or miticides. The disease(s) controlled by a fungicide are listed first in the next column (“To Control”) followed by the insects or mites. The amount used per volume of water sprayed is listed on the brand label. Do not use more than the label recommended amount of the pesticide, because of excess residues, possible toxicity to the plants, or damage to the environment.

For more information see click here: Insect and Disease Management for Home-Grown Fruits and Nuts.

Originally published 10/18

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