South Carolina Master Food Preserver Program

South Carolina Mater Food Preserver

Are you looking for ways to contribute to your community in a way that strengthens food systems? Becoming a South Carolina Master Food Preserver enables opportunities to volunteer and contribute to the educational service that Clemson Cooperative Extension provides.

As a Master Food Preserver, you will gain knowledge about preserving fresh produce and network with a great group of passionate gardeners, hobbyists, and food enthusiasts.

SC Master Food Preserver is a certification program for individuals with experience and the desire to teach and work with others within the fields of food preservation, including water bath/steam canning, pressure canning, freezing, and dehydrating.

This certification program is divided into two segments.

1. Instruction:

Provides practical food preservation courses on the following topics:

  • Food safety
  • Boiling water and atmospheric steam canning
  • Pressure canning
  • Canning jams & jellies
  • Pickling and fermenting
  • Dehydrating fruits and vegetables
  • Freezing foods

2. Service:

Provide at least 40 hours of educational service to others in a few of the following ways:

  • Assisting others to learn and providing research-based information
  • Providing information at local farmers’ markets, fairs, or community events
  • Preparing educational displays, writing articles for newsletters, newspapers, etc.
  • Conducting presentations and workshops for community groups and schools

Both Instructional and Service segments are required to receive the title of “South Carolina Master Food Preserver”. Only 40 spots are available for this pilot year, be sure to sign up soon!

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