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National Oatmeal Cookie Day

It’s Oatmeal Cookie Day! Oatmeal cookies have been around for years. Although our modern-day version is much sweeter, oatcakes and oatmeal cookies share many of the same ingredients, including...

Let’s Go Wild!

I read a recent article in Forbes magazine introducing a new book, Wild: The Naturalistic Garden by Noel Kingsbury. It nudged me to share a gardening concept that I have grown more passionate about...

To Shear or Not to Shear

Shearing hedges into cubes, globes, and squares is a form of architectural pruning that balances appearance with shrub health. This balancing act is most evident in the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in...

Spring Is Here, And So Are My Anemones

Anemone coronaria is not your stereotypical spring-blooming face that you see around here. It originated in the Mediterranean regions, and its Greek-origin name is a reference to the wind – hence...

A Healthy Pond Starts in Your Landscape

What leads to a healthy (or unhealthy) pond? Look upstream to find out. Many of the pollution sources that can lead to algae issues, low dissolved oxygen, muddy water, and poor fish habitat in ponds...

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