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Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is required for many foods found in your local grocery store. COOL gives consumers information about the origin of their foods. Food operations such as restaurants,...


Keep Leftovers Safe Do not let leftovers make you sick! As soon as you finish a meal, put your leftovers in the refrigerator. Make sure that the temperature in your refrigerator is 41 °F or colder....

Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are practically perfect for making jam. A classic strawberry jam is simply made with strawberries and sugar, a freezer jam can be easily prepared using powdered pectin, and there are...

Microwave Food Safety

There are traits unique to microwave cooking that affect how evenly and safely food is cooked. “Cold spots” can occur because of the irregular way the microwaves enter the oven and are absorbed by...

Mailing Food Gifts to Military

The most important thing to remember when mailing food gifts to U.S. service members overseas is to choose foods that are not perishable, can tolerate a range of temperatures, and will not break...

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