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Salvias (also known as sages) are popular garden plants because they flower for an extended period and do well in hot, dry conditions. They provide an incredible variety of fragrance, bloom, plant...

Garden Apps

If you have a smartphone, then you are aware that the number of apps available is astounding, and indeed, no matter what you search, you’ll likely find that “There’s an app for that!” Thankfully,...

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris) is a colorful and easy-to-grow leafy green. It is the same species as beet, but without the swollen root, and shares the same earthy flavor. The ruffled leaves have...


Coleus plants (Coleus scutellarioides) are prized for their colorful foliage, which may combine shades of green, yellow, pink, red, rust, and maroon. New introductions of this popular summer annual...


For beautiful foliage and a constant display of color throughout the season, grow begonias. Height/Spread While most begonias will be between 8 inches and 2 feet tall, growth habits will vary widely...

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