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Category: Landscaping

Cleome or Spider Flower

An easily grown annual native to South America, cleome (Cleome hassleriana synonym C. pungens, C. spinosa) is a favorite in Southern gardens. The delicate pink, rose, purple, white, or bicolor...

Native Pollinators

Around 40% of the flowering plants in North America require insect pollination for reproduction, though at the mention of the word “pollinator”, most people probably picture the European honey bee...

Mixed Screens

In the landscape, trees and shrubs are often used to create buffers and screens. On occasion, both may be used to frame a desirable view as well. Many plant species used are reliable performers,...

Butterflies in the Garden

Flying Flowers and Jewels of the Sky are just a couple of phrases that describe the beauty and fascination people have for butterflies. Though only one group of pollinators among many, they are...

Conserving Water in Your Landscape

Water is a precious natural resource that should be conserved in all endeavors concerning landscape management. In urban areas as much as 60% of all water usage goes to maintaining landscapes. Much...

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